Stan Lee and Gill Champion’s POW! Entertainment has signed an agreement with brand and celebrity building firm EQAL to support the media and entertainment company’s expansion into digital content production and distribution. The first public result of these agreements will be the revamp of a new branded consumer website,, in partnership with EQAL.

The site will formally launch in early 2012 as a hub for news, content and social networking around all things Stan Lee (pictured). Or to quote Lee’s own inimitable prose, “It’ll be a wild and wooly community website for your beloved Generalissimo to meet and spend time with all my Brigadiers who wanna join me in yakkin’ about the wondrous world of comics!”

EQAL also will pursue licensing and revenue opportunities for the company in parallel to POW!’s endeavors in live action and animation movies, television programming, merchandising and video games.

Miles Beckett, EQAL co-founder and chief executive officer, said, “As a lifelong fan, it makes it that much more exciting to be in business with Stan Lee. He is a legend and we are thrilled to be able to work together to create a digital property for him to communicate directly with his fans and for the Stan Lee community to gather, interact and get all of their information on Stan and what he is up to.”

POW! Previously announced a joint venture with Michael Eisner’s digital studio Vuguru to produce and distribute studio quality films, episodic series and digital content across multiple platforms, starting with the original YouTube channel Stan Lee’s World of Heroes.

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