Spider-Man, who already stars in comics, movies, tv shows, games, a live Broadway musical and undoubtedly in other media, is now being introduced to a new generation of fans through an interactive storybook app narrated by none other than Spidey’s co-creator, Stan Lee. The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story is the latest release from Disney Publishing’s Marvel Origins Series.

Readers will get to stop burglars with their web-shooters, swing through the city, test their strength and otherwise engage with the iOS story, which is enhanced with appropriate sound effects and music. There are also opportunities to be awarded with a No-Prize, a symbolic token of achievement familiar to Marvel comics readers, and to help Peter Parker put on the famous Spidey suit.

In addition to the version narrated by Lee, there are three other reading modes that suit different reading levels.

The Amazing Spider-Man app is a terrific first introduction to the Spider-Man story for young readers,” the always understated Lee offered in a statement. “It’s exciting to be a part of the creation of this authentic, interactive reading experience for children.”

The app costs $6.99 from Apple’s App Store. Initially only in English, additional languages will be added for localization around the world.

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