God Help the Girl, a film in development by double Oscar-nominated producer Barry Mendel and Belle and Sebastian‘s main man Stuart Murdoch, has turned to Kickstarter to help get the movie finished. Although the money is essential, the filmmakers say the fundraising initiative also will demonstrate to financiers and distributors that there is a devoted audience waiting to see the finished creation.

Mendel is well-known for producing successful movies like Bridesmaids, Munich, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Rushmore. He’s working with producers Phil Robertson and Chris Curling of Zephyr Films and Carole Sheridan of Singer Films on God Help the Girl.

“Financing models like Kickstarter are the future,” Mendel said. “I want people to realize that without them, we can’t make this movie. Their contribution is the difference between this movie existing out there in the world and this movie just being a great script and wonderful music that never got made.”

First-time writer/director Murdoch added, “This is a really, really good idea. We’re cutting out the middle men. It’s punk.”

God Help the Girl already has attracted attention in Glasgow, where the musical is set, due to wide casting calls and the status of Belle and Sebastian in the band’s home city. Casting the singers included on-line auditions as well as the more traditional type, with the lead role of Eve going to Catherine Ireton. Eve (pictured) is a troubled young woman who turns to songwriting for help, and her music forms the basis for a story about the need to follow a dream.

Some of the songs Murdoch wrote for the film have been released as an album, also called God Help the Girl, and an EP called Stills. Additionally, there is a comic book based on the film’s lead characters drawn by Graham Samuels.

According to the movie’s website, the project also will be crowdsourcing locations, wardrobe and other elements.

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Image shows Eve, as drawn by Graham Samuels