HarperCollins Publishers, Weta and Moulinsart have partnered on The Art of the Adventures of Tintin, a comprehensive app that can stand alone or be an immersive companion to the Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures 3D animated movie directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, and produced by Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy.

The $6 app was developed by Holopad. It includes the entire text of The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé, the book that inspired the film, along with visual, audio and video enhancements. Among the features are 360-degree immersive environments, 360-degree turnaround characters, video clips and exclusive new content, interwoven into an experience that explores how the movie was made.

The animation, visual effects and conceptual design for the movie were created by Weta, the multi-Academy Award-winning company co-owned by Peter Jackson. Its work can be seen in movies like The Lord of the Rings franchise, King Kong and Avatar.

“We wanted to invite fans into the world created by the filmmakers,” said Tim Launder, general manager, Weta Ltd. “This app allows fans to step inside our world. Welcome!”

Moulinsart, the official organization that looks after the intellectual propery of Tintin in all media, has contributed an introductory chapter on the comic’s creator Georges Remi (better known by his pen name Hergé), along with never before published footage of Hergé working in his studio and original artwork for reproduction in the app.

“Through our partnerships with the filmmakers at Weta and the developers at Holopad, we’ve developed something that will help set the standard for how we approach digital publishing and push the boundaries of what we can create for readers,” said Shane Norman, group director of Digital Marketing for HarperCollins.

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