Mobcaster, a startup that intends to be “the world’s first crowd-funded TV channel,” announced that its first two shows have been funded.

The amounts donated by the public have fewer zeros than Boardwalk Empire or Terra Nova budgets, but nonetheless these creators have raised enough money to make their programs and put them somewhere they could get seen.

Back to Your Senses is the more expensive of the two, at $15,000. It’s a documentary series by Andrea Claire Maio about people who have followed their hearts to perform work that is meaningful to them without regard for financial gain.

The other is On the Campaign Tail (pictured), which reached its $2,500 goal. It also is a documentary series; this one by Michael Terry looks at the volunteers, the campaign workers and the local candidates to better understand their motivations and the role they play as the grass roots of a democracy.

Founded in 2011, Mobcaster is based in New York and is currently in public beta.

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BTYS pitch for from andrea claire maio on Vimeo.