There are two kinds of people who watch the Super Bowl: those who fast-forward through the ads, and those who skip past everything to do with football. Hulu acknowledges this truth with Hulu AdZone 2012, a new section of the streaming video service in partnership with Advertising Age that’s devoted to what many people consider the most entertaining parts of Super Bowl Sundays through the years.

From now until February 6, the day after Super Bowl XLVI, viewers can watch more than 250 ads dating back to 1973, although the majority of them date from 2008 through 2011. In addition, AdZone will include previews of ads that AdAge considers will be the ones everyone talks about.

While the Patriots and Giants are battling for a place in the record books, consumers will be watching and voting for their favorite ads in real time with a live leaderboard tracking the non-sport action.

The best ad, as chosen by consumers, will be announced on Feb. 6. Until then viewers can browse AdZone’s spots by categories like Big Laughs, Babies and Animals, Best Celebrity Appearances, Over the Top Moments, Made by Fans and featured ads chosen by Hulu and Advertising Age editors.

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