BlueCava has released a fully updated version its device identification platform, which enables advertisers to target consumers without using cookies, in order to improve its accuracy and effectiveness.

The company is positioning itself as a solution for advertisers who find their online efforts hampered by consumers who block or frequently delete cookies, or who operate in Europe where legislation requires a user’s permission before a cookie can be placed. In this latest version, BlueCava’s Device Identification platform supports both opt-out and opt-in privacy models, which gives companies more options for complying with the European Union’s ePrivacy Directive.

BlueCava likens its technology to digitally fingerprinting all Internet-connected devices, including computers, mobile phones, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and many navigation systems. It claims more than 99 percent accuracy in individually identifying each of these millions of devices. Its platform then helps classify and sort devices, consumers and households by combining industry segments with first party models to develop unique profiles.

“After working with major brands and leading publishers in the EU, we became acutely aware of how the ePrivacy Directive is severely hindering European businesses that rely on cookies,” said David Norris, CEO of BlueCava. “Device identification has surfaced as one of the best ways that companies doing business in the EU can continue to reliably target customers across all devices.”

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