Canadian Bookshelf, a community website for everything related to Canadian authors, has rebranded itself as the 49th Shelf and received support from new lead sponsor

The site is home to the largest public collection of Canadian books ever assembled, and includes both physical and digital books. Kerry Clare is the site editor, while Julie Wilson (pictured) serves as host and producer. Community involvement and contributions are encouraged.

The 49th Shelf is produced by the Association of Canadian Publishers in association with the Canadian Publishers’ Council, with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Media Development Corp. Launched in June 2011, it receives financial support from the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund and is made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corp. on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

“If you consider how people discover books, the Internet has been a game-changer,” said Beth Bruder, project chair. “The 49th Shelf is about recognizing this and using the web to help readers discover the vast array of Canadian books — there is literally something for every kind of reader on the site.”

In addition to lists of what’s available, the 49th Shelf offers guest posts, book recommendations and interviews with notable Canadian authors such as Charlotte Gill, Elizabeth Hay, Lawrence Hill, Marina Endicott, Margaret MacMillan, Alison Pick, Kevin Chong and Michael Winter.

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Photo of Julie Wilson courtesy of the 49th Shelf