Toronto-based mobile payments company Admeris Inc. announced today that is has named Brian Bogosian as president and CEO.

He joins Admeris having been president and CEO of Good Technology. Bogosian formerly was president and CEO of push mobile email firm Visto, which acquired Good Technology from Motorola in 2009 and assumed the name.

“Brian has a track record as both a visionary and an operator. He has built world-class teams across telecoms, enterprise and cloud companies with solutions that change the way consumers use mobile technology,” said Simon Law, founder and chief technology officer of Admeris. Law previously also held the position of president.

Admeris developed and operates a mobile commerce layer that simplifies secure transactions on mobile devices, bridging existing commerce and payments ecosystem participants with technology that is optimized for the mobile device.

“It is an exciting time at Admeris, helping to drive the movement of commerce to a global mobile community. Admeris is a global leader in providing consumers with a secure and frictionless method for conducting mobile commerce in partnership with merchants and operators, acquirers and issuers,” said Bogosian. “The market is at an important inflection point, and we are at a significant advantage with a patent-pending and complete in-market product, an attractive business model and a sound go-to market strategy.”

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