The Apple rumor du jour is that Philippe Starck is working with Apple on a “revolutionary” product that the public can expect to see in less than a year. The renowned designer also said he regularly visited with Steve Jobs during the last several years of his life and that they were friends, speaking on FranceInfo radio.

Most of the speculation centered on the upcoming Apple TV, with Hardmac offering a more specific guess that it will be the remote control for the device. Apple Insider hedged its bets by saying it might be the next iPhone if it wasn’t related to the Apple TV. And several discussions brought up the fact that Starck has previously designed Apple peripherals like speakers and headphones for Parrot (as pictured). Without any hard news to work from, Gizmodo opted for criticizing Starck’s designs.

It was too much fun to last. Cult of Mac and iDownload Blog splashed cold water on the fun by citing sources that said the project was going to be the latest Apple store, rather than a new product. But don’t worry, a new Apple rumor will be along soon.

For those who understand French, here is the original radio interview that started today’s frenzy, in three parts.

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