Digital Media Wire and Farvest Group have announced their collaboration for the upcoming ICT Spring Europe conference next this June 19 and 20, during which the first Digital Media Wire Event will be held in Europe.

The collaboration was initiated and fostered through the support of the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office in New York.

In addition to the exclusive ICT Spring ecosystem, a Digital Media Village, focusing on the innovative worlds of entertainment, media and technology, will be established at the heart of the exhibition. Produced by Hollywood-based Digital Media Wire, a global leader in publishing and events, the event focuses on media disruption and the constantly evolving landscape for the production, distribution, monetization and marketing of movies, television shows, games, music and print media.

Special emphasis will be placed upon the disruptive forces at work in the entertainment and media industries; and how savvy content owners are navigating this exciting space and creating new and lucrative business model opportunities. Attendees will learn about the most current trends in digital media, including where the money will originate from and the innovation derive in the years to come.

Conference topics will include these vital issues:

–          Understanding the New Video Ecosystem: Smartphones, Game Consoles, Tablets & Flat Screens

–          The Battle for the Connected Living Room: Who’s Winning?

–          Optimizing Content for the Mobile Web

–          Man vs. Machine: Can Automated Media Recommendations Replace “the Human Touch”?

–          The Future: Predictions & Provocations on the Future of Digital Media

ICT Spring will be held in Luxembourg and will provide insights into ICT Innovation, including: Social & Data, e-motion, Online Gaming, Marketing, TV & Media.

The DMW and ICT Spring teams will welcome attendees from all over the world to plan meetings, find new business partners in Europe (governments, firms, investors and consultancies), opportunities, startups to invest in, and other collaborations.

More than 2.500 visitors are expected to attend from Europe, the U.S. and Asia, engaging with 150 exhibitors and 120 revolutionary startups selected worldwide.

Conference speakers already confirmed include: Hirsohi Mikitani, CEO and founder, Rakuten Group; Randi Zuckerberg, former Head of Marketing, Facebook; Fernanda Montoro, New Media Manager, Real Madrid FC; Jeffrey Edell, Executive Director at TODPIX; Chris Redlitz, founder, Kicklabs; Brian Wong, founder and CEO,; Garett Gee, founder,; Boris Pfeiffer, Managing Director Europe, Kabam Europe; Jalak Jobanputra, Director at Omidyar Network, previously Senior Vice President of the New York City Investment Fund.

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