Storm8 now has 100 million mobile devices in its private network of gamers, and decided that this milestone was a good excuse to share some of the social gaming company’s other metrics.

For example, there have been more than 300 million Storm8 game downloads. Additionally, CEO Perry Tam said that the company plans to double its employee numbers to 240 by the end of 2012 to accommodate its growth

The company offers mid-core games under the Storm8 brand, including World War, Vampires Live and Kingdoms Live.

It also has a studio brand, TeamLava, under which it offers more casual games like Bakery Story, Restaurant Story and Pet Shop Story. FireMocha, another of its brands, is best known for Mobster Wars.

“In 2012 we’re going to take our growth to the next level,” Tam said “One of the advantages of growing from profit is that we don’t need to wait for funding to expand. We just keep hiring great people, building our audience and making amazing new games as fast as we can.”

Storm8 was founded in 2009 and has launched at least 30 games.

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