Israeli startup youAppi has raised $1 million in seed funding from undisclosed angels to further its apps recommendation engine.

The company said it serves consumers by cutting through app store clutter. YouAppi analyzes what content a user is engaged with and which apps that person has previously downloaded, along with other indicators of preferences, to suggest apps he or she is likely to find interesting.

For businesses, youAppi said it generates revenue by delivering highly targeted apps at a low cost-per-acquisition rate.

Tappible is the first client youAppi can publicly disclose. “From our experience with youAppi, it’s clear to me that the company’s smartAPP technology solves the application discovery challenges for all – users gain an effective app discovery solution, publishers profit from a new and real revenue stream and app developers benefit from a cost-effective distribution channel,” said Eli Mandelbaum, CEO and founder, Tappible.

To serve as proof of concept, youAppi uploaded a recommendation engine to the iTunes Store. Moshe Vaknin, youAPPi CEO and co-founder, said nearly a third (30 percent) of the more than 12,000 users who downloaded it went on to download one of its recommended apps.

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