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5 Questions With: PluraVida’s Sam Gilchrist

PluraVida is an emerging company at the forefront of the rights tech solutions movement for digital content distributors. Producers, distributors and everyone in between the concept-to-consumer pipeline are more abundant than ever and in need of ownership and monetary tracking technology to keep business straight. After two decades in the industry, PluraVida’s CEO and founder Sam Gilchrist sought to fill that need in 2014 when the company was established.

5 Questions With: Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic is a direct-to-fan music platform that enhances the fan-artist dynamic from the creation of music to its experience in digital and live formats. The platform...

Music Videos Dominate YouTube Viewership

Out of the millions of videos streamed on YouTube’s site every day, music videos are by far the most popular. According to ComScore, which will...

Music Publishers Settle Suit Against Unlicensed Lyrics Site

Washington - The National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) announced on Tuesday that it has successfully settled its copyright infringement suit against Motive Force and Sean Colombo, operators...

Can You Legally Resell iTunes Music? [with demo video]

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case that involved consumers’ rights to resell a digital product. Lawyers may get another chance to ponder these questions with tomorrow’s launch of ReDigi.

Guest Column: It's Make or Break Time for Apple

In this article titled "It's Make or Break Time for Apple," Guest Columnist Robert Tercek addresses the recent hysteria over the drop in Apple's share price and tackles the timely question: What will Apple accomplish in 2013?

5 Questions With: Molly Neuman of Kickstarter

Music projects on Kickstarter are some of the most successfully funded according to Molly Neuman, Kickstarter’s first head of music. Molly’s diverse background in the world of music began as the former drummer of the band Bratmobile. She also co-owned the music label Lookout! Records and was the vice-president of the American Association of Independent Music before she was brought on to Kickstarter in January, 2016. Digital Media Wire had a chance to ask Molly some questions about her career, creative control on the Kickstarter platform, and how the music business always comes back to the people – the creatives, the fans, and the collaboration between all players that make these projects happen.

Digital Entertainment World 2015 Wrap Up Report

Hundreds of C-Level thought-leaders the digital and entertainment worlds attended the unique three-day Digital Entertainment World (DEW) conference in Los Angeles last week, engaging in networking, deal-making and headline-generating discussions.

Isohunt Debuts 'Lite' U.S. Version of Site to Appease Court

Los Angeles - Following a federal judge's order last month to removing all infringing content from its site, Torrent search engine Isohunt has opted to block...

DEW Startup Competition Entry Deadline – Jan. 1, 2017

Hey Everyone, To all of you involved in digital entertainment startups, the entry deadline for the 2017 Digital Entertainment World Startup Competition is this...