Las Vegas – Satellite TV service provider DISH Network (NASD: DISH) on Wednesday
announced the launch of its "TV Everywhere" services — not to be
confused with the online access services of the same name planned by cable
operators — which will allow customers to remotely access live TV and recorded
programs via the Internet and home networks.

DISH partnered with sister company
EchoStar’s (NASD: SATS) Sling Media unit to develop the TV Everywhere Adapter, which attaches
to existing DISH set-tops to provide remote access to home TV channels.

company said it also now plans to release its 1 terabyte ViP 922 HD DVR, which
features built-in Slingbox technology, in the second quarter of 2010.

Other new
products include the Sling-developed DISH Network WiFi Monitor, which can
wirelessly transmit an HD video signal from a set-top to anywhere in the home
via Wi-Fi, and a remote DVR scheduling application for the iPhone, the DISH
Remote Access App.

While DISH filed to trademark the term "TV
Everywhere" last September, cable operators are in the midst of developing
services — casually referred to as "TV Everywhere" — that let
subscribers access cable channels online at no extra charge.


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