Beijing – Those who conducted
the recent cyber attacks against Google (NASD: GOOG) in China first sourced employees on
social networks to identify their friends, and then pose as those friends in a
bid to get the employees to click on a malware link, the Financial Times

"We’re seeing a lot more up-front reconnaissance, understanding
who the players are at the company and how to reach them," George Kurtz,
chief technology officer at security firm McAfee, told the Financial Times.

"Someone went to the trouble to backtrack: ‘Let me look at their friends,
who I can target as a secondary person.’"

The report also states that
Google is investigating the possibility of whether the hackers were helped by
insiders at its offices in China.

After the attacks, Google decided to stop censoring its search results in China, and is
currently mulling a complete exit from the country.

However, the Associated Press reports that, even if it should exit the search
market in China,
Google wishes to maintain a development center, advertising sales operation and
mobile phone business in the country, and is currently in delicate negotiations with China towards those ends.


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  1. This hack was advanced. It was conceived, planned and executed for a specific purposes — it’s too advanced not to be government or industry.No wonder they are getting the NSA involved.. I wonder what was copied…

  2. This reminds me of the recent hack on Mark Zuckerberg, of facebook fame’s, actual facebook fan page. Hackers are getting so good that they can hack the most popular social network online today and google. sheesh, it’s scary, so much of my intimate information is shared online it makes me queasy to think about this lack of security.