Mountain View,
– Google (NASD: GOOG) on Tuesday
introduced a workaround to getting its Google Voice service, which has not been
accepted by Apple (NASD: AAPL) for use on the iPhone, to work on the device.

Instead of
incorporating Google Voice into a downloadable application for the iPhone,
Google has instead designed a new HTML5 Web page that users can bookmark and
visit in order to access the service.

The trick, which also works for the Palm (NASD: PALM)
Pre, fixes problems with a previous workaround, such as displaying a user’s
Google Voice phone number on a recipient’s caller ID.

Google submitted an
actual Google Voice app to Apple for inclusion in the iPhone App Store last
summer, but has yet to receive approval from the company.

"We haven’t
heard back from Apple on this," Vincent Paquet, senior product manager for
Google Voice, told The New York Times.


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