San Diego
– A recent survey of 1,725 mothers found that 51% share their opinions about
products on Facebook, 39% posted reviews on retail sites like Amazon, 28% did
so on personal blogs, and another 15% used Twitter.

The survey was conducted by
ExpoTV, which recently launched a research service, but also operates a site that
lets users upload video reviews of products and services; respondents were
culled from visitors to its site.

The survey found that 89% of moms polled were
on Facebook, and 46% were on Twitter.

Some 92% of mothers said they trusted
consumer descriptions over brand descriptions, and 78% of moms said a video
review helped them in a purchasing process.

Half of respondents had uploaded a
video to YouTube, Facebook or another site, with 36% reporting having uploaded
a video talking about a brand or product.

Almost 90% said they "would"
upload a video talking about a brand or product in the future.


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