New York
– Yahoo (NASD: YHOO) is expected to announce a major partnership with Nokia (NYSE: NOK) on Monday, which
will entail the company providing email, search and services on Nokia devices,
All Things D reported, citing sources.

The deal is not thought to include a
"Yahoo phone," although the companies reportedly discussed such an

While Nokia is working to compete with the new crop of smartphones,
Yahoo is looking to expand its mobile reach without the benefit of a mobile
operating system like Google’s Android or Microsoft’s various offerings.

Nokia has offered devices that people don’t want and Yahoo has launched mobile
services that they don’t want," one person familiar with the talks told
All Things D.

"Perhaps in working together, they will find a way to
finally create some value."


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(All Things D)


  1. Why are you blasting Nokia and Yahoo. Nokia does have a great suite if products that people want, and if you ever had your hands on the E71, you may feel that way as well. I have an iPhone, but find that for my daily usage of browsing, Facebook, mail, etc…. I use my Nokia E71.

    Nokia had a rough time bringing product into North America due to the carriers not accepting Nokia product, prior to 2008 due to a fear of Nokia’s strategy and strenght. They were not given the open road to drive like Apple and Google have received lately.

    Apple was able to get by quite nicely without sharing any of the revenues of the App store and offering untethered browsing, and now watch them hurt AT&T long-term when they launch the iPhone with Verizon.

    ….And is Google on the side of the Carriers? There President of Sales has made comments on how they are going to neutralize all the carriers with there Free powered by Ads Service and Google services. The biggest threat has been via Google to the entire ecosystem in many ways as they have zero customer service. There is not even an android on the other end of the phone line when something has gone wrong.

    Nokia has been a very good company in just about everyway to every body in the valuechain involved and was very user focused for many years. Given the fact that Symbian internationally is still growing faster then iPhone or Android devices, this tone of bashing Nokia Mark is not something that a digital expert like yourself would be known to do.

    Get yourself an E71 via Ebay, put in your AT&T SIM, you will see how fabulous a device this is and it has been out since 2008.

    So, before you bash, or reference bashers, please note who they are and what there agenda is.

    It would be great to see Nokia and Yahoo with a killer offering for users and a great product! Both companies have been very ethical in the past and very good to their customers.