Emeryville, Calif. – The bigger a mobile device’s screen is,
the longer viewers will spend watching mobile TV services on the device, according
to a report from mobile TV service provider MobiTV.

In a study of data from
ESPN Mobile TV’s coverage of the 2010 World Cup, it was found that U.S. mobile
TV viewers with a 5-inch screen watched an average of 118.2 minutes of soccer.

viewers whose devices sported a 4-inch screen watched an average of 102.2
minutes, and those with a 2-inch screen averaged 61.1 minutes.

"As the
mobile device evolves into a multimedia powerhouse, and as the screen sizes
increase in both size and resolution, consumers will demand more relevant and
live content," said MobiTV CEO Charlie Nooney.

"Although mobile TV
does not replace our traditional TV viewing habits it does provide a viable


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