New York – The nascent 3D television market faces challenges
including high costs for consumers, problems with 3D glasses and a lack of
available programming for the format, according to a study conducted by Nielsen
for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

For part of
the study, consumers were shown a 30-minute compilation of 3D content examples
in a 3DTV home viewing environment simulation in Las Vegas, and asked to

"Purchase interest for a 3DTV set among those planning to buy a
new TV in the next 12 months decreased after seeing a demonstration of the
technology, experiencing the glasses, and learning more about product
costs," said Nielsen’s Frank Stagliano.

"This suggests the majority
of consumers will wait until these challenges are addressed and there is more
content available before opening their wallets."

The most commonly cited
reasons for lack of interest in purchasing a 3D set were cost (68%), having to
wear 3D glasses (57%), and lack of 3D programming (44%).

A full 89% said they
felt 3D glasses would constrain their multitasking activities, as compared to
2D viewing, and 45% cited discomfort from wearing the glasses.

Additionally, 77%
said they saw 3DTV as "better suited to special events, such as movies or
sporting events, as opposed to everyday viewing."


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