Burlington, Mass. – Self-identified "sports fans"
are just as likely to cite the Internet (31.5%) as national TV programming
(30.4%) as the best sources for sports-related news and information, according
to an online survey of 2,700 conducted by Burst Media.

Male sports fans are
significantly more likely than female sports fans (32.1% vs. 16.4%) to cite the
Internet as their primary sports information source.

Sports fans are using the
Internet to check scores and stats (52.9%); read sports news (47.4%); and watch
sports-related videos (35.6%).

The survey found that 32.1% identified
themselves as "avid" sports fans, while 67.9% called themselves
"casual" sports fans.

"Brands of all kinds have a significant
opportunity to reach and engage a loyal and savvy audience in online sports
content," said Mark Kaefer, director of marketing at Burst Media.


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