Los Angeles – For the first time, Google’s (NASD: GOOG) Android passed
Apple’s (NASD: AAPL) iOS as the most prevalent platform on Millennial Media’s mobile ad
network in December, the firm said in a report this week.

Android saw an 8%
increase in December, and accounted for 46% of all impressions on the
Millennial network — compared to 32% for Apple’s iOS.

Android ad requests grew
141% from the third to the fourth quarter, compared to 12% growth for Apple.

Android also generated the most revenue through applications, taking a 55%
share in the fourth quarter, to Apple’s 39%.

The firm noted that Apple
remained the top manufacturer of devices on its ad network, a position it has
held for the past 15 months, and was trailed by Samsung and HTC.


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