New York – Members of ethnic and racial minority groups are more
prevalent owners of smartphones in the U.S., where nearly a third (31%) of all
mobile consumers reported owning smartphones in December, according to a report
from Nielsen.

Among Asian/Pacific Islanders in the U.S., smartphone penetration
is 45% among mobile users, while Hispanics (45%) and African-Americans (33%)
were also more likely than White mobile users (27%) to own smartphones.

Although only 42% of White who purchased a mobile phone in the past six months chose a
smartphone, that number was 60% among Asians/Pacific Islanders, 56% among
Hispanics and 44% among African-Americans.

While choice of smartphone was
fairly evenly divided, Nielsen’s report found 36% of Asians/Pacific Islanders
chose an Apple iPhone, while 31% of African-Americans favored RIM’s BlackBerry.


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