Mountain View, Calif. – Google (NASD: GOOG) has taken a number of steps
to keep counterfeit goods off of its AdWords online advertising network, which
the company said now includes over one million advertisers in 190 countries.

the second half of 2010, Google said it shut down some 50,000 AdWords accounts
for attempting to advertise counterfeit goods.

To improve its efforts, Google
says it will now respond within 24 hours when a brand owner files a complaint
over counterfeit goods advertised in an AdWords ad, and generally work more
closely with brand owners to identify infringers and expel them from AdSense.

The company also set up a new help center page for reporting counterfeits.

steps are our ways of facilitating co-operation with brand owners, which is
absolutely essential in tackling the sale of counterfeits online," Google
said in a blog post.

"AdWords is just a conduit between advertisers and consumers and we
can’t know whether any particular item out of the millions advertised is
counterfeit or not."


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