Mountain View, Calif. — Google’s recent suspension of Android mobile developers’ third party applications has developers questioning the validity of Google’s “open” app store.

In late May, high-profile game developer, Yong Zhang, complained that his developer account was removed by Google without warning. He, like application developer ZodTTD, were refused the request for further explanation.

“I was quickly notified of my account suspension via my Twitter followers and e-mail,” ZodTTD told Wired. Google claimed that his games were in “violation of Android Market Policies.”

While claims are circulating that Google’s abrupt removal of ZodTTD’s and Zhang’s programs may have resulted because of a Sony trademark infringement, others saw the move as a smart move on Google’s end.

“The content creators have a lot of leverage over Google,” Chris Soghoian, Ph.D., told Wired. “It’s probably a smart business decision on Google’s behalf, even if it means pissing off these emulator communities.”

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