MTV Geek and Top Cow Productions are developing a new transmedia project called September Mourning, which will use comics, live music, television and other media to tell a serial story in which real people and imagined characters are entwined with each other.

The news was announced at Comic-Con International, naturally enough, during a panel on Saturday in which the project was described as “Ziggy Stardust for Millennials.”

The main character is M Lazar, who currently is a real-life member of the actual pre-existing band September Mourning. The fictional iteration of M Lazar, named September, will first be introduced in an upcoming edition of Marc Silvstri’s popular comic The Darkness (pictured). Sometime before the end of the year, the transmedia project will launch with a live concert by the band and a simultaneous release of September Mourning’s first episode as a digital exclusive on MTV Geek.

September Mourning will have its own hub on MTV Geek, where a new short reality-show video will appear each week along with original animation and other content.

A statement was released that perhaps appropriately didn’t clarify whether it was a real or fictional person who said, “September is just a girl with the power to make things right.  Fate is pissed off and Top Cow Productions along with MTV are going to show you why dying is overrated.”

September Mourning will join MTV Geek’s roster of original comics including Teen Wolf, The Gloom, Hats, and Agent Mom. MTV says that the site, which launched in October, receives nearly 1 million unique visitors per month.