New research reports 93 percent of marketers would increase mobile ad spending if they realized a higher return on their investment (ROI). And of those who are not increasing mobile ad spending, 43 percent of marketers cite low ROI as the primary reason.

Click-based mobile advertising was another area of dissatisfaction, according to the survey conducted by the Relevancy Group and commissioned by mobile and online signup ad platform Pontiflex. It found that just over half (56 percent) of Fortune 500 marketers are dissatisfied with or don’t use click-based mobile advertising.

“On mobile, click-based ad units aren’t valid options for mobile marketers focused on increasing ROI,” said David Daniels, CEO and co-founder, The Relevancy Group. “Mobile advertising requires a dramatic shift that is both focused on and respectful of the user – honoring a good experience with meaningful engagement.”

The survey said marketers wanted to invest more in mobile, due to its importance as a medium, but that three major aspects needed to be addressed: ROI needs to be improved (named by 73 percent); email subscribers should be increased (54 percent); and social communities have to be supported (53 percent).

Marketers also were asked about mobile campaigns in which they pay for the email addresses and/or social networking handles of people who have opted in to receive communications from them, a strategy Pontiflex specializes in. The survey found 41 percent said these were the most effective mobile ad campaigns.

“Signup ads are native to mobile advertising,” said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and co-founder, Pontiflex. “People have a new sense of control and meaningful experiences with brands.”

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  1. I think this article goes to show that advertisers shouldn’t be content with amassing and measuring clicks alone. With mobile advertising, downloads, calls, directions accessed, etc. are all important metrics, which gives additional support to performance-based advertising as an effective model. This article also adds credibility to the claim that creative is an all-important feature in mobile advertising, as advertisers must be very careful to weigh how a mobile ad can be integrated with a small screen without overtaking it (and leading to consumer frustration).