People use the Internet for pretty much the same things whether they’re connecting via mobile phone or on a fully featured computer. A new report took an analytical look at this behavior and summarized the findings in a nifty infographic posted after the break.

The seven things people do on the mobile Internet, according to Yahoo! and Ipsos, are: connect, search, entertain, manage, inform, shop and navigate. There are a lot of people doing these things, too. IDC forecasts a 163 percent jump in U.S. mobile Internet users in three years, to a 2014 total of more than 186.5 million people out of a predicted population of about 320 million.

Just in the past 12 months there’s been a significant 54 percent increase in mobile web usage and a 29 percent increase in time spent watching video on a mobile device. Interestingly, the study found that most of the time spent occurs before 1 p.m., and about a third of it is spent while at home.

When reading on the mobile web, people are most often looking at news, weather and sports are the most often consumed written content. Watching videos is dominated by entertainment, led by music, gaming, food and movie trailers.

Connecting is by far the most popular activity. Facebook, Twitter, texting, email and similar ways of staying in touch with friends, family and work colleagues take up about 18 minutes, about 38 percent of mobile time each day.

The rest of the online time is spent in the categories of search and entertain, with about 15 percent each, then manage and inform at 10 percent. Shopping and navigation fill the rest.

Being a Yahoo! study, Mobile Modes: How To Connect with Mobile Consumers focuses on identifying opportunities for advertisers and marketers. Among other information useful for those purposes, the report found the highest proportion of ad recall is during the hours of 6 a.m. and noon, during which people are usually in connect, search, or manage modes.

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Photo by flickr user Johan Larsson, used under Creative Commons license