She’s not the editor most people are chattering about at the moment, but changes at Yahoo! editorial mean the departure of vice president Liz Lufkin, who had been responsible for front page editorial programming. According to an exclusive report on AllThingsD, the move is related to a reorganization being undertaken by editor-in-chief Jai Singh, who joined Yahoo! from the Huffington Post.

Lufkin was responsible for the first thing many Yahoo! users saw each time they logged on. The site reports having 600 million unique visitors a month, who account for many billions of page views. As such, the page is a key driver for Yahoo! content elsewhere and for its related advertising.

Editors who reported to Lufkin are based in Sunnyvale and  Santa Monica, Calif., as well as in New York and Dallas. Her most recent achievement was contributing to the successful development of Yahoo!’s content optimization personalization system, which improved relevancy for readers and provides new insights on audience behavior.

Lufkin also serves on the board of directors for the Online News Association.

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