Disney Mobile quietly broke new ground Thursday by debuting its first original mobile game character, a friendly alligator named Swampy. Developed by the team behind the squishy physics of the JellyCar franchise, Where’s My Water? follows the adventures of Swampy in his surprisingly difficult quest to be clean.

Where’s My Water? exemplifies Disney’s approach to mobile game development, which combines a compelling story with high production value, and great gameplay,” said Bart Decrem, general manager of Disney Mobile. “We believe Where’s My Water? is a must-have app for gamers of all ages.”

Players are tasked with guiding the water through subterranean layers of earth, rock, and broken pipes, and into Swampy’s bathtub. The water in the game flows with life-like physics as the player takes on four chapters of 20 levels filled with puzzles, charming graphics, humorous effects, Easter eggs, and a story that unfolds over time.

Disney Mobile is a division of the Disney Interactive Media Group.