Skanz, a company that sums up anyone’s online identity in a QR code, has partnered with young musician Matt Hunter to demonstrate the company’s vision of how their platform could work on a commercial level.

Attendees at a recent showcase performance were each given a Hunter-branded Skanz bracelet. Scanning the bracelet’s QR code connects consumers to a site that includes photos, videos and exclusive content unavailable elsewhere, along with links to his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

“Every ‘Hunter’ who has a Matt Hunter Skanz band feels that much closer to me, and I feel that much closer to them,” the musician said. “It’s like a backstage pass to my life.”

It’s free for anyone to create a personal, secure Skanz page and get the related QR code. Users can put any contact information they want on the page – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, email, phone number, Skype tag, whatever – along with things like photos and videos, creating what the company refers to as a “social print” that can be edited and updated. Then, anyone who scans the user’s QR code gets taken directly to that page.

Downloading the relevant QR code is also free. The main thing the company sells, at least at this stage of its growth, is a range of Skanz accessories: wristbands for $9.99, decals for $4.99 each, and iPhone cases for $19.99. Any QR reader will work, but Skanz offers its own version as a free download for iOS and Android.

Although just over 6 percent of U.S. adults have ever scanned a QR code, according to comScore’s MobiLens service, that minority represents a pretty desirable demographic. More than half were between the ages of 18-34 (53.4 percent). Those between the age of 25-34, who accounted for 36.8 percent of QR code scanners, were twice as likely as the average mobile user to engage in this behavior, while 18-24 year olds were 36 percent more likely than average to scan. On top of that, 36.1 percent had a household income of at least $100,000, representing both the largest and most over-represented income segment among the scanning audience.

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