Just in time to ruin New Year’s diet resolutions, integrated ad and marketing agency Barkley has released apps and widgets to promote Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They give consumers a choice of how to be alerted when the shop’s “Hot Light” goes on, indicating that fresh glazed doughnuts have just come out of the oven.

The project came out of the Innovation Lab group Barkley established in 2011 in order to create prototypes using emerging technologies and bring them to clients for testing in the real world. This time the idea is applied to fresh baked goods, but it also serves as a proof of concept that could have much wider applications, according to Barkley.

“This project is a fantastic example of the concept of the Web of Things,” said Mark Logan, vice president of Digital Innovation at Barkley. “If you’re a fan of Krispy Kreme, you know how powerful that Hot Light is. It’s such a strong brand icon. We wanted to find a way to extend its reach.”

Alerts can be delivered via iPhone and Android app or as a desktop widget, and consumers specify how often they want to be pinged. Alternatively, users can search for the closest glowing Hot Light.

“Genuine engagement that is useful to our guests is key to our social media strategy,” said Dwayne Chambers, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme. “This unique Hot Light app is one more way we can share the one-of-a-kind Krispy Kreme experience with our fans.”

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