Television service has developed a legitimate way around the court order that currently prohibits it from showing major network content. The company announced a small plug-in device, FilmOn Air, which enables local television content reception.

“FilmOn has licensed over 120 HD online television channels and has even launched its own College Sports and Live Soccer channels but the challenge has been in legally bringing major network programming to our lineup whilst respecting the network’s traditional business models,” said Alki David, FilmOn’s chief executive officer and founder.

The FilmOn Air gizmo (pictured) will be sent free in February to all of its U.S.-based customers, who each pay $149.95 annually for the basic package. Consumers can also pay $95.95 for the FilmOn Air on its own, which will enable them to watch free over-the-air broadcasts (ATSC). It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Apple’s iOS, and its rechargeable battery lasts for five hours.

“In 2010 FilmOn ended up in an ongoing legal battle with all four of the major networks – CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX – over FilmOn’s right to carry their signals over the Internet,” David explained. “The case is ongoing and FilmOn expects to settle the dispute this year.”

The FilmOn AIR tuning application will be automatically included in the app and software updates scheduled for February. The FilmOn service includes an electronic programming guide.

Besides its delivery platform for streaming HD IPTV, FilmOn also offers third-party turnkey solutions in content and technology branding. is a Frankfurt-based company with offices in Beverly Hills, Calif. and London along with datacenters in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam and Geneva. In Aug. 2011 the company returned to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the trading symbol FMX.

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  1. I hope CBS hauls him back into court and the judge fines him bigtime for doing this.

    Go to his site, a lot of people don’t like him anymore than CBS does ! They are just using him for a free chatroom.

    Look up that stock symbol and see if it has even moved very much.