Mobile firm Trigger has raised $1 million in a seed round, enough to launch its cross-platform HTML5 mobile development framework. The funding was raised through AngelList from investors who include Paul Graham, SV Angel, 500 Startups, Russ Siegelman, Steven Walske, RightVentures, Venture51 and John Taysom.

Trigger enables developers to write an app just once, before the service makes it simple to make the app compatible with Android, iOS and desktop browsers and then to distribute it across all devices and their marketplaces.

Trigger’s framework is called Forge. Developers create their applications in the languages they’re already familiar with – HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They then then use the Forge tools to build the app as native, with offline access and native functionality. Trigger also has a debug tool called Catalyst.

“Demand for mobile apps, both native and mobile web, is exploding and web developers are looking for ways to benefit from this shift. With Trigger, developers can create rich, native apps using their existing skills,” said co-founder and chief executive officer Amir Nathoo. “With Android activations up to 700,000 per day, the mobile applications market clearly is no longer just about iOS. This shift makes HTML5 extremely important as a cross-platform technology. But native functionality is needed to take advantage of the distribution and revenue opportunities – that’s where Trigger comes in – we make it possible.”

He added that cross-platform problems are not new, but that the competition was more complicated and time-consuming to use.

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