Cloud desktop computing company nivio has secured $21 million in funding from Videocon (& Group Companies) and AEC Partners. The firm, which officially launched its product Jan. 26, said it will use the investment to expand engineering efforts and to accelerate its platform roll-out.

Nivio is set to make available its iOS, Android, Windows and Mac clients later this month, along with its Ubiquity client, which delivers the entire desktop over any HTML5 browser.

Users then can rent regular desktop software, like Microsoft Office, for use from any device. The software and operating environment resides on nivio’s cloud, which also hosts nDrive, nivio’s storage and sync service that comes with 10GB included at no additional charge.

“We are extremely happy to bring two new passionate investors into our team,” said Sachin Dev Duggal, founder and chief wizard at nivio. “We’re also very proud that nivio has successfully delivered 7x returns to some of our angels in this round. The support we’ve received from our angels over the last seven years has been unparalleled and without their support we would not have gotten this far.”

Nivio is now inviting pre-registration for the free beta trial.

“With successful trials in Europe and India, nivio is an experienced provider of cloud desktops, and the only company to launch in the U.S. a complete solution for users to migrate their desktops to the cloud,” said Ian Pratt, chairman of, senior vice president of Products at Bromium Inc., and a member of nivio’s advisory board. “Nivio has pioneered the Cloud Desktop globally, driven by the vision and passion of its founders and an experienced management team. I’m excited to see this new offering come to the United States.”

Currently nivio is offering beta users a special launch promotion of nDesktop for up to 10 hours at $5 per month with an additionally discounted price for students at $2. This promotion also includes 10GB of free storage and nDrive to ensure users can effortlessly synchronize their data across all their devices.

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  1. I take that back.. I think there may be hope.. and will beta it.. Haha got it mixed up with another company.. My mistake! Sorry!! KEEP YOUR STOCK.. its going to be worth something if they deliver what the promise!