Sprint customers can now watch live TV and on-demand shows on their iPhones using the company’s new Sprint TV app. The free app is powered by industry pioneer MobiTV, which has powered the existing Sprint TV service for several years.

The app comes with access to a package of programming at no extra cost to subscribers who have unlimited data plans, and it works over both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. This basic package includes: ESPN Mobile TV, including live NBA basketball, pro & college sports, Major League Baseball and more; Disney Channel, both live and on-demand; Weather Channel; selected content from networks like NBC, CBS, ABC Mobile, USA, Bravo, Syfy and Speed; and other options.

More than 40 premium packages at different price points can now be added to the iPhone app as well (see examples, below). These are the same ones that Sprint TV customers using other handsets have been able to buy, like Sprint TV Xtra, Sprint TV en Vivo, and Playground TV for children.

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