Comedy Central is bringing its Indecision brand of political coverage to iPhones and iPads with a free app that includes some features and capabilities that are not available on its Indecision website.

One such exclusive feature is the Peanut Gallery, a second-screen experience that adds live commentary from Indecision bloggers and special guests to accompany nationally-televised political talk shows, debates and speeches. Users can submit comments, with the best being integrated into the live blog stream, and can add their opinions using “Reacticons” that express sentiments like “Cry-Baby,” “Dunce,” “Yawn,” “Knock-Out” or “Bulls#*!” These Reacticons change in relative size to indicate the aggregate of what everyone is thinking during events and programs.

There will be at least one Peanut Gallery event a week, which will be promoted on the app home screen and in the included 2012 election calendar. Highlights of the live interactions will be gathered together as Peanut Gallery Recaps.

There are also about 12 blog posts a day from the Indecision staff, a section called Snap Shots that captures the news cycle in bite-sized images and jokes, and other relevant content.

The Indecision app is sponsored by AT&T, which has an obvious interest in having people engage with mobile content. Its editorial team consists of consists of Mary Phillips-Sandy, Dennis DiClaudio, River Clegg, Gonzalo Cordova, Jess Dweck, Ilya Gerner, Lisa Beth Johnson and Dan Poppy.

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