Kibits has released its “micro-social networking” free app for iPhone and iPod touch, a project that has attracted $1 million from Google Ventures, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Charles River Ventures, General Catalyst, SOSventures, Launch Capital and the CommonAngels Fund.

The concept behind Kibits is to combine selected elements of existing social networks into one cohesive, customizable app. It does this by letting users build micro-networks containing specific people and then tapping into contacts, Facebook friends, calendar, physical proximity and other information collected by iOS devices. It’s also integrated with Dropbox and iCloud to simplify file sharing and synchronization.

The company gives some examples of how it envisions Kibits being used. A family could create a private network for coordinating schedules and activities, or collaborators on a project can share documents, photos of whiteboard notes, messages, and a calendar of client deliverables.

Another interesting usage scenario is at a live event, where users can form a Kibits group comprised of others who are nearby and share conversations and observations in real-time, then loop in people who were unable to attend in person.

Matt Cutler, co-founder and CEO of Kibits, said, “By tapping in to nearly all of the capabilities of iOS, the app offers an intuitive, powerful new way to connect and collaborate in real-time and in the real world. Now people can avoid juggling dozens of single-purpose apps in order to share different types of media with their friends and co-workers.”

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