Mobile payment company Dwolla has nabbed the attention and investment dollars of fellow Iowa native Ashton Kutcher.

The funding was announced during a live event on on Silicon Prairie online, at which Kutcher joined Dwolla founder Ben Milne.

Much to the delight of the local press, Kutcher stated his belief that a company like Dwolla could only come from Iowa, where people know the value of a dollar and the culture encourages modesty and integrity.

Dwolla’s revenue comes a quarter at a time, with a fee of 25 cents for each transaction over $10. Transactions of less money are free.

Although the amount of Kutcher’s investment was not disclosed, the funding technically comes from his company A-Grade Investments. Kutcher’s investment portfolio also includes Fab, StyleSeat, Votizen, Gidsy, Airbnb, Airtime, AeroFS, Fab and other tech-reliant companies. Outside of the tech world, he is best known for acting in television shows like Two and a Half Men and That ‘70s Show as well as for Butterfly Effect, What Happened in Vegas and other movies.


In early February, Dwolla announced a $5 million investment round led by Union Square Ventures with participation by Thrive Capital, Paige Craig of Betterworks, Artist and Instigators and Village Ventures.

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