Is app developer a full-time job? Not for many of the people doing it. Only 26 percent of apps are written by developers for whom apps are their primary source of income, according to new research from Evans Data Corp.

The report found that the largest group of app store developers – 41 percent – have a day job as a professional developer creating other things, they write apps in their spare time.

Hobbyists account for 22 percent, while students make up the remaining 11 percent.

Data for this report came from a Evans Data Global Development survey of over 1,400 developers. After identifying those developing for app stores, the company then clustered the respondents into four categories based on several factors including percentage of income from stores, percentage of time spent developing for stores and vocational activity.

“With hundreds of thousands of apps available through app stores, it begs the question just who is writing them,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “Once the groups are defined, we layer technology adoption data on top to show some interesting differences in the profiled groups in areas such as HTML5 adoption, native vs. web, and specific app store targeting.”

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