Gambitious, a crowdsourcing platform solely for games, is set to launch the first week of June, which not coincidentally is during E3. The date was announced by Gambitious CEO Korstiaan Zandvliet at the Dutch Festival of Games, which wrapped up on Friday, and is just a few months later than the company’s target date.

Gambitious’ model enables anyone to invest in game projects and receive an equity stake in return. It accepts investments ranging from 20 euros (about $27) for each investment unit to 2,500,000 euros (about $3,304,000).

Developers decide for themselves how much capital is required to fund their project and determine how much equity they’re willing to offer in return.

According to Zandvliet, this approach makes the crowdsourcing model a more businesslike proposition. It’s a model he previously implemented at Symbid.

“The main difference between Gambitious and the currently popular Kickstarter is that the former does not rely on donations,” Zandvliet said. “Instead, a developer decides what percentage of the required funding people can buy. Someone who invests money in a project becomes a shareholder and is entitled to dividends.”

Gambitious intends to open in Europe and then expand to the United States once some regulatory issues are resolved.

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