Tablets are on track to generate more web traffic than smartphones by 2013, according to new research from Adobe Systems Inc. The company also forecast that 10 percent of all website traffic will be tablet-generated in 2014.

The overall conclusion of the research is that consumer usage patterns are growing more distinctive based on whether they’re visiting using a tablet, smartphone or personal computer.

Tablet traffic is growing about 10 times faster than its smaller-screened counterpart’s did in the first two years after being introduced to the marketplace. (See infographic, below.)

Additionally, consumers said the tablet experience was nearly as engaging as that of PCs. Despite that, they currently use PCs to visit websites three times as frequently as they use their tablets.

“As businesses rethink their digital experiences to include mobile strategies, tablets are emerging as the consumer device of choice,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe. “Digital CMOs are wise to take a mobile first approach to optimize their digital content and marketing initiatives with a focus on the tablet experience because the consumer demands it.”

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Photo by Flickr user sidduz, used under Creative Commons license

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