Palo Alto, Calif. – A week after leaks first surfaced about impending layoffs at HP, the technology giant late Wednesday made them official, outlining plans to downsize by about 27,000 employees, or 8 percent of its staff.

The company said it will offer eligible employees early retirement packages, with the number of layoffs depending on how many accept the deals.

The restructuring is expected to be completed by the end of fiscal 2014, with HP saving in the range of $3-$3.5 billion a year.

“These initiatives build upon our recent organizational realignment, and will further streamline our operations, improve our processes, and remove complexity from our business,” said Meg Whitman, HP’s president and CEO. “While some of these actions are difficult because they involve the loss of jobs, they are necessary to improve execution and to fund the long term health of the company.”

This article was also published in Potomac Tech Wire.

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  1. Letter to the Meg Whitman, HP CEO
    From: George McCasland
    Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 6:33 PM
    Subject: Announced Layoffs
    To: Meg Whitman

    Dear Ms. Whitman,

    Dads House has free information that will be needed by many of those facing a layoff from your company.

    I would like to suggest that HP send out a notification to all those people being laid off that if they have a child support obligation, they can get help from their state to have the order modified. That they need to make the official request the moment they have been notified they are listed for release, as it can take up to a year to get a hearing.

    This is a right they have under the 1988 Child Support Enforcement Act, and is detailed in the Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents. Unfortunately, the states refuse to distribute the handbook, which is free from the feds. Here is the material from it.

    If you are willing, here is a small poster that can be displayed in the employee break rooms with the above link.

    I hope you will consider my request, and perhaps have one of your assitants respond to confirm you have received it. You are experiencing some public relations issues right now with this decision, and this might help it.

    George R. McCasland, National Moderator
    Dads House Educational Center & Groups

    Took me a while to find a contact address, and I cc’d it to their Craig Gomez, Media Relations VP, as a backup.