Mansome, a new show from executive producers Morgan Spurlock, Will Arnett, and Jason Bateman, debuts today on Yahoo Screen as part of its men’s programming. Produced by Yahoo Studios, Mansome is designed to deliver daily expert advice on women, food, fitness, drinks and other elements that are part of becoming “better guy.”

It joins two other new originals, Stunt Nation and KaBOOM!, along with the long-running Yahoo Sports Minute, in Yahoo’s third slate of original programs and the first to specifically target men.

In Stunt Nation, host Sal Masekela invites action sports stars to join him in analyzing clips of amazing stunts, then try to one-up each other with spectacular stunt videos they bring to the party, with audience comments determining the most awesome. Among Masekela’s guests are: Ryan Hollins, center for the Boston Celtics and UCLA alumnus (pictured, effortlessly blocking Masekela); Alex Smith, a star of the surf scene both solo and with his brother Koa; and BMX stars Corey Bohan, Dakota Roche and Mike Escamilla.

To keep everyone suitably aware of their own mortality, each weekly five-minute episode also features one feat that went horribly, horribly wrong. Stunt Nation is produced by FishBowl Worldwide Media with Sal Masekela, Vin Di Bona, Bruce Gersh and David Beebe as executive producers.

KaBOOM! features former Miss USA Tara Conner introducing random objects, which demolition expert Rene Diamante proceeds to blow up. Diamante delights in rigging up things like an ATM, a Porta-John, a table of fast food, a Jacuzzi, and a loaded golf bag, which meet their gleefully explosive demise. Produced by Eyeboogie, a new episode of KaBOOM! airs every Thursday.

Yahoo Sports Minute, hosted by sports journalist and documentarian Angela Sun, is streamed more than 50 million times per year and over 7 million minutes each month according to comScore. It is produced by Yahoo Studios and gives viewers a blast of “must-see” sports highlights every weekday.

These shows expand the potential audience for Yahoo Screen originals, which already include one devoted to comedy and one targeting women.

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Photo by Paul Moore shows Sal Masekela, left, and the NBA’s Ryan Hollins filming an episode of Yahoo’s “Stunt Nation.” Used with permission from FishBowl Worldwide Media.