vindicia300300[Editor’s Note: This is a guest article written by Vindicia. Vindicia brings enterprise-class innovation to consumer-facing subscription billing to help digital companies acquire and retain more customers by making payments seamless, secure and easy.]

Digital content and services are everywhere today, and many are available on a subscription or recurring basis. The burning question remains: how to develop a consistent stream of customers, reduce churn and keep acquisition costs to a minimum?

Acquisition channels offer the ability to achieve broader distribution than internal efforts alone can deliver. And you can tune pricing and products to match the needs of prospective customers for each channel. But without a proper channel strategy, you can easily spend a lot of time and resources for minimal return.

This eBook will provide you information around the various components you’ll want to address while you test an acquisition mix best suited for your organization, and your target audience

For additional best practices and guidance for developing a consistent stream of customers, reducing churn and keeing acquisition costs to a minimum, view this ebook.