Palo Alto, Calif. – Facebook has partnered with European streaming music service Spotify on a new music service for the social network, Forbes reported, citing sources close to the deal.

The service is expected to allow Facebook users to stream songs from Spotify’s catalog of millions of songs, and also allow Facebook users to listen to songs with their friends simultaneously.

Spotify will only be available to Facebook users in countries where Spotify is currently available — which excludes the U.S.

Spotify has been engaged in difficult licensing negotiations with the labels on a U.S. launch, but has reached deals with them to operate in Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, France, the Netherlands and the U.K.

Reportedly, the deal between Facebook and Spotify will not see any money exchanged.

The service is said to be currently undergoing testing, and could be launched in as little as two weeks, according to Forbes’ sources.


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