Mountain View, Calif. — In the short time since the launch of Google+, the  new social networking service, one user has already discovered a privacy flaw.

The controversial sharing/contact issue that was a part of Google Buzz is allegedly apparent in the new platform, making resharing in your Google Plus circle a public problem.

According to an example from Tim Bradshaw of FT Tech Hub, a friend of his could post a picture of her kids within her “friends” circle. The share option, however, would not only share those photos with her friends, but also everyone in and outside her circles.

“If she’d known about this risk (and how would she?), my friend could have disabled resharing using the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of every post, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to do this before she’d already published it. Google+ also, for now, lacks any way to turn off resharing of all your posts from within its privacy settings,” Bradshaw wrote.

He claimed Google was given his feedback about the loophole, which they acknowledged — stating this is the type of issue they hope to resolve while Google+ is still in “field trial” mode.

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