Music licensing startup formalized its partnership with the Coca-Cola Company, including a guaranteed commitment by the beverage giant to use the services of Music Dealers to discover and license music from currently trending bands all over the world. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it does give Coca-Cola a minority share in the music company.

Both partners said the focus of their relationship was on new and emerging talent. The wide-ranging agreement involves the two companies working closely together to source music, artists and lyrics for a variety of Coca-Cola brand campaigns, programs and events. It also makes Music Dealers the key music sourcing partner for Coca-Cola Music, the global music program that is now successful in 140 countries.

“We are excited about the opportunities that come from partnering the world’s most valuable brand with an innovative and game-changing startup and the potential ripple effect that can come of it, especially for the thousands of emerging artists around the world who are looking for a global platform to launch their music,” said Emmanuel Seuge, group director, Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company.

The companies had worked together previous to today’s agreement. For example, Coca-Cola used Music Dealers to find a song “with strong teen appeal” to become the global anthem for the Coca-Cola Music program. The resulting track was “Can You Feel It,” written by Swedish band You Say France & I Whistle and recorded by British band One Night Only. It was also used in the ad Walls, which has since aired in 60 countries.
“Our values are perfectly aligned — we aim to promote independent artists and share their music with fans around the world,” added Eric Sheinkop, Music Dealers president. “The Coca-Cola Company is a great partner who offers solid support to our artists. When artists record a track for Coke, they put significant marketing leverage behind it. The song gets more exposure worldwide than even big artists get from a record label. This arrangement has literally helped artists launch their careers.”