A third of consumers use their mobile phones while they’re at home, not just when they’re out and about. And one in five watches video on their phone at least once every day.

A Yahoo! and Ipsos study reported these and other statistics verifying and quantifying what people are actually doing with their phones. For one, people now spend 54 percent more time on the mobile web than they did a year ago and interestingly, most of that time is spent before 1 p.m.

So what do people like to watch? Music videos, mostly (50 percent), followed very closely by humor (49 percent) and gaming. This doesn’t count playing games, remember – 42 percent of consumers like to watch game video content.

Movie trailers and clips are in fifth place with 34 percent. Surprisingly, the people who named sports makes it come in at 33 percent, just below Food/Health/Educational video content (34 percent) and tied with full-length TV shows and movies.

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Photo by flickr user bfishadow, used under Creative Commons license